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Our results show altered DNA methylation in loci relevant to metabolism; these might be biomarkers of disrupted metabolic pathways in offspring of ED mothers.

Further work is needed to examine potential mechanisms and functional outcomes of the observed methylation patterns.

Amongst women with active ED, 14 (66.7%) had a restrictive ED, 3 (14.3%) a binge-purge-type ED, 3 (14.3%) a purge-type ED and 1 (4.8%) a binge eating ED.We profiled overall methylation levels amongst these three groups.We calculated a median beta value for each individual and then computed a median beta for each exposure group for comparisons. Adjusted analyses included bisulfite conversion batch (BCD) to adjust for batch effects, and principal components (computed using principal component analysis (PCA) [].The measures of DNA methylation were computed as betas (].Methylation beta values range from 0 (no cytosine methylation) to 1 (completely cytosine methylated).

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Eating disorders (ED; anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and other specified feeding and eating disorders) are severe psychiatric disorders that affect about 10% of women of reproductive age [].

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